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Deadly little Miho. A silent assassin in a world of noise and pain, Miho can make death and destruction seem like an art form or a thing of beauty. As slick and sleek as the end of a katana blade, you'll only feel her deathblow if she wants you to. A cut above the rest, no pun intended, she seems to come into the game precisely when she is needed too. She'll save your neck in the nick of time, but usually by slicing someone else's.

Miho is small, delicate, unassuming, and totally and completely ruthless. She'll do anything she has to in order to get the job done. She is unbendingly loyal to those she calls friends, implacable to her enemies, and has no interest in anyone in between. She rarely speaks, but don't assume that is because she has nothing worth saying. Perhaps she just doesn't think you would be worth saying anything to. . . care to try and change that? Despite her silence, she has no difficulty getting her meaning across. The quirk of an eyebrow, curl of a lip, flick of her bobbed hair can convey any meaning that's worth conveying.

She may be tiny, but in her view that is not a drawback. . . there's less of her to aim at, and by the time you've even taken aim, she won't be there any more. By the time you strike? Her blade is flashing towards you.

If it can be used to kill people, Miho can use it. Better than you. If it can be done, Miho can do it. If you think it can't be done, she can do it. If it's physically impossible, she'll try and prove the laws of physics wrong. She might even manage. Rollerblading along telephone wires, blocking gun-barrels with a flicked stick? Child's play.

Usually dressed simply in an open kimono over tight jeans, bristling with weaponry, she epitomises grace and murderous intent. She seems to have no life outside her job - or her calling, perhaps.

This is a one-universe-over Miho, re-booted for Dreamwidth - same mun as the previous Miho but without any of the old backstory.

Disclaimer: Miho is from Frank Miller's Sin City, and is the property of Frank Miller/Dimension Films. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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